Band :
Release Date : 18. Oktober 2019
Catalog ref. : TR004
Format : Digital Download

Turbolenz, the Offenbach quality imprint with both a heart and a deep passion for crotch jokes, heads into round 4. Richard IV, founding member of the ESO-Ensemble, is a studied pianist and fine gentleman, but also half of the almighty Shayde. On the remix EP for Delenz’s „Synthi & Roma“ release, Richard gave his first appearance as a solo artist. Now, with his debut „Le temps de desir“, he showcases his classically trained background, embedded in the creative freedom of electronic music. Shaped by his classic music and organ lessons, he lets many influences of classic composers flow into his productions.

The particular sound of the trombone is essential for the title track „Le temps de desir“, whose intention is to explore the full tonal potential of this classic instrument through experimentation and preparation. The title originates from a cheap fetish novelette with the title „Time of Desire“, which was found on a walk though Offenbach, to then become the amusing literary enrichment for months to follow.

„MXN“ is an homage to a person responsible for great shared moments in music during the past years. The dark foundation of the track was created by recording an out of tone Steinway piano on a Dictaphone and then playing the result on half speed. The sinister chord progression however lightens up to a brighter pitch in the course of the arrangement.

A six-voice choral of the later Romanticism composer Francis Poulenc offers the harmonious foundation of „La bonne neige“. The repetitive chords in 6/4 become intermingled with the vibrant 4/4, thereby continuously shifting the emphasis of the beat.

A remix by Turbolenz label head Philipp Lenz aka Delenz for the already stunning „MXN“ will be released two weeks after the originals.