Vøsne – Cobalt

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Title : Cobalt
Release Date : 14. Februar 2020
Catalog ref. : TR005
Format : Digital Download

The latest release from Offenbach-based label Turbolenz comes from none other than VOSNE. The four-track EP, titled ‚Cobalt‘, is yet another piece from the artist blurring the lines between deep house and dub techno through lively, ethereal soundscapes. Among the tracks are remixes by label-owner Philipp Lenz alias Delenz, as well as the legendary Petar Dundov, who both equally complement the EP’s fluid character. Petar Dundov, one of Eletronica’s most reputable names, brings his very energy to the table reinterpreting the opener of the EP as the third track.

Dusty percussions, groovy breaks, space-echoes – with the same-titled track ‚Cobalt‘, VOSNE sets the ground and welcomes us into a dynamic and vast space where we immediately feel the urge to dream and dance. Distinguished by tight drums beneath entrancing pads is the second track ‚Lithium‘. Here, VOSNE keeps it slightly rawer then pushes further with accents from the 808 and 909 families. Melodies punch in and out keeping the pace of the track and us moving forward. A perfect example of how VOSNE juggles between techno and house. Then, it’s Peter Dundov’s turn. Introducing himself with a more layered and melodic hybrid of VOSNE’s first track ‚Cobalt‘, Dundov surprises through grand and spacial pads over a mesmerising build-up while his smoothly shuffled drums travel along. The fourth track and closing of the EP is Delenz‘ remix of ‚Lithium‘. Commencing deep, Delenz inherits the original track’s raw nature, but shakes its core through a hypnotic and bold progression as his synths gradually guide us into this deep energetic sphere.

The idea of a collaboration between Turbolenz and VOSNE was born after a live performance at one of Turbolenz‘ label nights. Label-owner Philipp Lenz and VOSNE befriended over their passion and admiration for dub techno which, without a doubt, cannot be missed in ‚Cobalt‘.