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Release Date : 28. Juni 2019
Catalog ref. : TR003
Format : Digital Download

Delenz the person behind Turbolenz, debuted on his own imprint with his fist solo release, the „Synthi and Roma EP“ in December 2018. These four sophisticated long-haul tracks caught the attention of the acclaimed Groove Magazin straight away, getting featured as one of their top five releases of the week. As friendship means the world to the highly enthusiastic Delenz, he decided to ask friends and dear colleagues to remix the tracks of his debut. The result: four very respectful interpretations by Of Norway, Kiki, Richard IV and the Turbolenz kick-off project Shayde. Delenz himself comprises one half of Shayde, while the other half is Richard IV, whose first appearance under his solo project name already gives a foretaste of his upcoming debut EP on Turbolenz. Enjoy!