Delenz – Synthi & Roma

Band :
Title : Delenz - Synthi & Roma
Release Date : 28. Dezember 2018
Catalog ref. : TR-002
Format : Digital Download

Hailing from Offenbach to the electronic music world Philipp Lenz alias Delenz releases his EP, „Synthi & Roma“, on his very own label Turbolenz, consisting out of four tracks, lasting 42 minutes and flying through the listener’s mind smoothly and without any turbulences even though arps twirl and swirl in each musical piece.

The A1 and title track „Synthi & Roma“ is a symbiosis between carefully well-chosen synth-chords and percussive soundscapes as both components emnesh each other, almost in a caressing way before the vocal slowly takes over, over the soundscape, over the atmosphere while the synth-pads adapt to the gloomy feeling in order to restore a harmony in melancholia. The piteous relationship of sounds, namely „Synthi & Roma“ is followed by an almost destructive and likewise emotional paradox track, the second of the package, „Healthy Ego“. The track continues where the opener ends. with a psychedelic touch the intro points out subtly in the reams of detailed and apparent deep and multi-dimensional soundscapes. After a minute and 30 seconds „Healthy Ego“‚ is literally added a ‚punchline‘ with the bass line’s introduction, which simultaneously supports the synths and retain the tension throughout the track while the lead-synth adds a mental component by remaining at one pitch. „Dollar Arp“, the B1 of the EP, adds a different note to Delenz’s overall sound-construct by introducing acid-bleeps and breaking with the afore-created dark-twisted atmosphere to replace it with mature arps hitting the synth-jackpot. „Lichtblick“, German for ray of hope, on the one side marks the ending of the EP in the most dancefloor oriented and least melodic way and on the other side shows a new facette of Delenz’s artistic being. Stripped-down to a minimum of mind-tickling synths and a vague techno sounding bass line „Lichtblick“ ends the journey turbulent.

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Mastered by Sasse